Just breathe - skipping ahead to OXEGEN July '09

Just a little taste of OXEGEN Fest in Ireland....AND there is a lesson in all this [other than the fact that my life is so much better than yours] when your friend's say to you "why don't you just wait till they come here to see them play?" "Why spend all that money?" blah blah blah.. I'll tell you why - because what you spend on clothes, food, booze, porn WHATEVER.. I spend on traveling around watchin bands play live and the creme de la creme is seeing bands play live in OTHER COUNTRIES at amazing festivals.. like Coachella [mentioned previously and will do so again] and OXEGEN.

NOT to mention the fact that Blur announced they aren't even touring so after 10yrs I would have missed my opportunity to see them because of money?? COME ON..

Blur @ Oxegen Fest 09 from Gillian Zulauf on Vimeo.

Pet Shops Boys cover Coldplay from Gillian Zulauf on Vimeo.

Why the Brits do it better...just look at the production

A Perfect Example of amazing production: Coldplay 09 Toronto from Gillian Zulauf on Vimeo.


Back in Black....well...not really

So in the past 6 mths or so I've taken to going to festivals..regardless of the cash involved. I really don't get a kick out of much more than a live gig; although I'm sure if I could actually PLAY an instrument it could possibly get better...but for now I'll settle for travelling to shows and RockBand.

Soooo for today let's start with Coachella - Coachella is a crazy music - art - hippie - hipster - something for everyone deal in the middle of the desert in Indio, CA...approx 3 hrs from LA. Not only was this my first time to Coachella but also my first time to LA...arrival date: Thurs April 23rd [bday weekend I might add]. Departure date: Tuesday April 28th.. 5 nights..5 days.

2 1/1 of which were spent here:

this is the W Hotel in Beverly Hills - that's how we roll...if you can't afford the trip in the first place than you might as well go all in...Sting was here you know..yup - right after I left to share a plane ride with Paul Stanley - Lindsey and Claire leave the hotel and run right into Sting. Maybe you've never heard of him..he's a fairly good musician that once played in an old skool band that achieved - what u might call - a moderate level of success and has achieved quite the solo career.

for the other 3 days we spent out time here [see subsequent pic porn of the Coachella grounds]

be back in a bit with more....


...she rules her life like a bird in flight...

for the last 2 days I have COMPLETELY forgotten my effin' camera at home.. snug in it's case..just sitting there - mocking me from a distance as I experience moment after kodak moment...

let's do a Benjamin Button and start from the end..

THIS is who I'm seeing March 26th @ the ACC... that's right - this guy!

Stevie Nicks..amazing...lets start a new project shall we.. i want to dress like Stevie..paper lace...big hats..oh - I'd also like to order a pair of those lips and legs while we're at it.. i mean COME ON..no matter every man and - prob - women wanted to either fuck her, be her or just be around her.

hmmm.. so k i know i was supposed to talk about how i've completely fucked myself the last 2 days by not documenting the ridonkulous experiences i've had BUT I'm SO completely over it right now.. maybe i'll go get some eats..or choclate or hand gun..dunno..whatevs


Photo Porn....you guess where it is..and I may or may not tell ya....

still desperately crushed that when i transferred my photos from computer to computer i lost almost 1000 photos... :( greece, italy spain, portugal, austria..sigh.... hurts my heart ...